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A Device for decreasing the Speed of a moving body or for stopping its motion.

Most Brakes act on Rotating mechanical elements & absorb Kinetic Energy either Mechanically, Hydraulically or Electrically.

Mechanical Brakes are the most common, they dissipate Kinetic Energy in form of heat generated by Mechanical friction between a rotating metallic drum or disc & a stationary friction element brought into contact with it by mechanical, hydraulic or Pneumatic means, The friction elements for drum brakes may be bands or Shoes i.e. Blocks with one surface concave.

It works on a mechanism where the drum Brake is actuated to contact with Internally expending shoes in it, by pressure exerted on Brake Pad/ Lever directed on semi circular brake shoe by a system of flexible Cables/ rods.


Standard Drum Brakes were invented in 1902 by LOUIS RENAULT. His brakes worked by using a CAM to force apart two hinged shoes . Drum Brakes are improved in many ways over the years , But the basic Principle remains 20th century even with the advent of Disc Brakes in 1970s , Drum Brakes remain the standard for REAR WHEELS.


There are several types of Brakes used today such as Mechanical Brakes ,Hydraulic Brakes ,Pneumatic Brakes, Electro-Mechanical Brakes etc. ,The Brake Used today Commonly are Drum Brakes with Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems.

We can categorize Brake Shoes as per vehicle requirements as 2 Wheeled & 3 wheeled. Depending upon their Friction Material properties Brake Shoes are Organic , Metallic or Ceramic type & Depending upon their Shoes they can be classified as Aluminium casting & fabricated shoe.

Most Generally we can categorize Brake Shoes comparing their friction material composition as:

MK has all type of brakes shoes with High Performance meeting with International quality standards.

At MK GROUP we have facilities & a team of R&D People to work out for good & functionality friction material Which is Eco-Friendly. Every New Development undergo full Property , functional & Endurance check before Production at our labs to avoid any stage failure.

MK R&D Team is always dedicated to improve Quality of the products.

Presently MK is involved in manufacturing a wide range of Asbestos base, Asbestos Free both in Rigid and Rubberized friction material Brake Shoes for 2Wheeled as well as 3Wheeled Vehicles.


At MK Group we only procure Raw materials for Manufacturing Friction material and Brake Shoe Aluminium Part / Fabricated Part, Every operation after that is being carried out in House. The process flow for the manufacturing is detailed below:

Manufacturing Process


MK Group has a wide range of testing equipments and team of trained personals & technical to fulfill Customer Requirements for good quality components. Our Specialized testing facilities include :

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Coeff. Of Friction Test Rig
  • Profile Projector
  • Salt Spray Chamber

With the help of these special purpose machines the simulation testing is carried out to ensure reliability & Performance of the component produced. The Chase type Coeff. Of Friction Test Rig can be used as per National & International Standards.

A Team of Qualified Inspectors is involved for Process inspection during manufacturing to produce quality Products with the help of QC Tools & Techniques. In Our Labs routine checks for finished components is Carried out to help & ensure the performance.

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